Willie Jiang’s | Marketplace/Classified Sites SEO Expert

I’m Willie Jiang, a 5 a.m. riser as well as the founder and growth hacker behind SolarFeeds Marketplace. 

In my career, I have consistently delivered 10x organic growth for clients in diverse industries. I always wanted to leverage my skills in more meaningful and fulfilling ways.

In early 2019, I realized that mankind’s transition into renewable energy will be one of the most profound trends in the 21st century. So I quit my job and worked on SolarFeeds full-time.

In my personal blogging site, I talk about startups and growth hacks.

Why did I start this blog?

There are 3 main reasons to produce these videos:

  1. To network and learn together with other marketplace founders.
  2. Teaching is the best way to learn. The process of content creation effectively helps me organize my thoughts.
  3. I love creating content, which fits my personality type (ENFJ). It’s fun for me.