Amazon SEO Strategy Review: King of eCommerce SEO

We’re not talking about how your store can rank well on Amazon. We’re talking about how to out rank Amazon on Google.

However, Amazon is the king of eCommerce currently. At almost 1.7 TRILLION market cap, Amazon is a tough SEO competitor.

Amazon has different domain extensions in some countries such Amazon, ca,,

Amazon IS a search engine alone has 1.4 billion visits per month. That’s more traffic than small-time search engines like Duckduckgo.

Amazon’ structural SEO

They have never worried about backlinks

  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Media mentions
  • Merger and acquisition

If you do things purely for the sake of building backlinks such as guest posting, it’s inefficient and ineffective.

If you’re Amazon’s SEO competitor

Well, it’s hard, but not impossible.

Because of Amazon’s unbeatable domain authority, the only chance to outrank it on Google is to have a niche. If your two-sided marketplace focuses on a given niche, integrates keywords related to your niche, you’re quite likely to steal traffic from Amazon. This is EXACTLY how and why Etsy’s product categories rank better than Amazon on Google.


Amazon dominates the eCommerce space and while they own multiple domain names, alone gets 1.4 billion visits per month. 

The biggest advantage is they have is their very high domain authority (96), which is half the SEO battle. To put that into perspective, any domain authority above 50 is very high. Backlinks are the biggest factor of domain authority. 

User generated content is the ultimate form of structural SEO. Amazon implements structural SEO by product category (published by users) and ensures that there are keywords in the page title, URL, body, and listings. 

While it may be hard to outrank Amazon as an SEO competitor, it’s not impossible. If you have a niche, you can  integrate keywords that relate to your niche to take some traffic away from Amazon.