Databox SEO Strategy Review: Authority Building Hack!

In January 2017, Peter Caputa joined an early-stage startup, Databox, as CEO. When he joined HubSpot in 2007, he was employee #15. Applying what he learned, he managed to take Databox to the next level. 

Here’s how they hacked the authority-building process.

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Etsy SEO Strategy Review

Per someone’s request, I decided to review Etsy’s SEO Strategy.

There are a lot of case studies and observations about Etsy, as shown in the Sources section. It gave me a sense that Etsy gets where they are today despite their poor SEO in the beginning.

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Similar to Houzz’s local SEO strategy, can systematically rank for this keyword combination by using structural SEO. Keyword combinations can be at category level searches such as “vacation homes in [Location name],” and also be business profile level ” searches such as [universal’s loews sapphire falls resort] reviews”.

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How Did We Grow Our Organic Traffic by 69X in 15 Months?

SolarFeeds organic growth

We had 534 organic monthly visitors to in 2019 July when I first purchased the poorly run blog. But by 2020 October, we had 37,680 organic UV/mon. That’s a 69X growth in 15 months from blogging! And more astonishingly, we only spent around $18K on content creation.

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Imagine a Drone Trading Marketplace

I wrote about how we leveraged high Domain Authority (DA) score to grow our organic traffic by 69X in 15 months. If you have read it, you’d understand how a “high DA score + structural SEO” combination can be a killer growth strategy for an early-stage startup. I purchased the because I saw its potential to do the same.

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