Crunchbase SEO Strategy Review

Crunchbase is another good example of Structural SEO. However, there are still a lot of room for improvement.

Crunchbase’s structural SEO on the category level

To implement structural SEO, they created 3 types of pages that bring in the most of their organic traffic:

  • Organization – page: profile pages for startups, VC, financial institutes.
  • Person – page: Investor and founders
  • Hub – page: investing niche, locations
  • Funding round -page: funding rounds of a startup

They also have Event -page, but didn’t rank well.

Crunchbase’s Structural SEO on the entity level

When I said “entity”, i meant Organization, Hub.

Let’s take a startup called Databox to “de-construct” the Organization page’s structure’s success.

crunchbase's SERP

Once you clicked on the link, you’d see that the SAME company has 5 URLs for each aspect of this company. They all start with….

  • Summary-page: /databox/ –> Page title: Databox – Company profile & Funding
  • Financials-page: /databox/company_financials/ –> Page title: Databox – Funding, Financials, Valuation & Investors
  • People-page: /databox/people/ –> Page title: Databox – Employee, Board members, Advisors & Alumni
  • Technology-page: /databox/technology/ –> Page title: Databox – Tech Stack, Apps, Patent & Trademarks
  • Signals-page: /databox/signals_and_news/ –> Page title: Databox – Updates, News, Events, Signals & Triggers

Crunchbase’s Structural SEO on the aspect level (startup profiles)

Why this page can rank well for “Databox evaluation”, “Databox funding”, “Databox financials”, and “Databox investors”?

Well, aside from a high domain authority, it has an SEO-friendly page structure.

You can’t have a good structural SEO if you don’t build an SEO-friendly page structure. Let’s take the Financials-page: /databox/company_financials/ :

  • Static URL
  • Keywords in page title, headings, and paragraphs
  • 4 blocks of content to make this page super informative: Highlights, Funding, Funding Rounds, Investors
  • Built-in internal links