Databox SEO Strategy Review: Authority Building Hack!

In January 2017, Peter Caputa joined an early-stage startup, Databox, as CEO. When he joined HubSpot in 2007, he was employee #15. Applying what he learned, he managed to take Databox to the next level. 

Here’s how they hacked the authority-building process.

  • Revenue: 3.7M in 2020 (Funding: 5M; Valuation: unknown )
  • Type: SaaS-enabled marketplace that allows users to integrate analytics from different sources.
  • Overall traffic: 465.9K visits/mon
  • Organic traffic: 210.1K visits/mon (accounts for 45%)

Databox’s steps to hack Authority Building

3 big benefits of Databox’s approach for building authority

  1. Get more branded search
  2. Your connections help you shares (–>increase shares+ social signals)
  3. Some link to the articles

Other benefits

  • Grow LinkedIn connections
  • Leverage expert opinion


Databox gets 465.9K visits/month in overall traffic and 210.1K visits/month (45%) in organic traffic. Their CEO Peter Caputa hacked the authority-building process by following these steps:

  1. Pitch to a blogger/influencer/publisher so Databox and the people you they reach out to get backlinks
  2. Send a form/survey for contributors to fill out for the article.
  3. Publish a long form article which performs better than short form in Google.
  4. Blog is shared through social media, email, and search engines. Google factors the amount of social media shares in their rankings, so the more shares the better!

With this approach to building authority, the benefits are:

  • They get more branded searches and backlinks
  • Increase shares (tagging all contributors)
  • Grow LinkedIn connections
  • Leverage expert opinion


  • Premium account on SEMrush