Imagine a Drone Trading Marketplace

I wrote about how we leveraged high Domain Authority (DA) score to grow our organic traffic by 69X in 15 months. If you have read it, you’d understand how a “high DA score + structural SEO” combination can be a killer growth strategy for an early-stage startup. I purchased the because I saw its potential to do the same.

My obsession with passenger drones

Ever since I watched a YouTube video of “EHANG 184,” I knew this is will change how we define “vehicle.” When adopted by enough people, it would change how we build cities—-a lot of buildings will start having launching pods on their roofs.

EHANG 184 – The World’s First Passenger Taxi Drone

Sure, it’s not for the masses now because:

  • It only lasts for 20-30 minutes per trip
  • It only flies 10 miles per trip
  • Current regulation won’t allow it (especially in privacy-sensitive regions like North America and Europe)
  • Costly: $200K-300K

But what if…

But here’s why I think the product will overcome these challenges:

  • What if it uses fuel cells instead of lithium? After all, hydrogen’s energy density is almost 3X more than gasoline and an astonishing 200x that of lithium-ion batteries. Now, we’re talking bout 100-200 miles.
  • What if it gets popular in China first? China not only has fewer privacy concerns but also can bring in the economies of scale, hence dramatically reduce its price.
  • What if it cost only $100K by 2035?

Drone market size

According to Statista, experts forecast a $100 billion market opportunity for drones globally by 2030. An online marketplace to buy and trade drones is definitely needed. This is why domain can be valuable for startup founders.

  • Domain authority 28: Whatever you blog (as long as it’s long-form content), you get indexed by Google much faster and more often.
  • It combines well with structural SEO: If you successfully implement structural SEO, can easily ranking for different levels of keywords.


Because the drone market is expected to be a $100 billion dollar market globally by 2030, an online market to buy and sell drones is needed. Once drones are adopted by enough people and reach economies of scale, it can change how we build cities. can be a valuable domain for startup founders because it has a good domain authority and can rank well with Google if structural SEO is well implemented.

Different levels of keywords

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