How HubSpot Steals Hotmail’s “Signature Growth Hack” and Get Users to Promote HubSpot for Free

Pablo Picasso is often quoted as saying: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” It’s debatable if Picasso did say that, however, this is so true in growth hacking. Most of the time when hearing about famous growth hacking stories, you can’t simply copy someone else’s “tricks.” You need to tweak here and there to fit your context.

HubSpot’s “free tools” is a perfect example.

How a "signature trick" has helped Hotmail to get 1 million users in 6 months
Credit: Slideshare


Backlinks to a website are the biggest factor in building domain authority (search engine ranking score to measure the relevance of a specific subject or industry). Whenever HubSpot’s customers publish a form on their website, they are creating a backlink for the company because they smartly added their signature on every form that says “Create your own free form with Hubspot.” This is an easy way to continuously increase domain authority as their customer base grows. Many companies implement this simple signature strategy to increase traffic and promote the company.