Top Growth Hack Examples: A Running List of Famous Growth Hack Stories

Looking for growth hack inspirations? You’re in luck.

Some people collect stamps, some collect cars, Well, I collect growth hack stories, especially marketplace startups’.

Famous growth hack stories

  1. Hotmail’s signature (how HubSpot steals THIS from Hotmail)
  2. iPhone’s signature
  3. TikTok’s watermark
  4. PayPal and Uber’s “Pay you to use”
  5. Dropbox’s invite your friends
  6. HubSpot’s free tool
  7. Databox’s authority building hack
  8. Embed this: YouTube, Twitter, Yelp
  9. Loom’s easy to record and share feature
  10. LinkedIn’s profile completeness score
  11. Facebook’s international expansion
  12. Zapier’s SEO centered strategy

Growth hacking is a mindset, not any particular trick

There are many wrong definition of growth hacking online ……



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