Top Growth Hack Examples: A Running List of Famous Growth Hack Stories

Looking for growth hack inspirations? You’re in luck.

Some people collect stamps, some collect cars, Well, I collect growth hack stories, especially marketplace startups’.

Famous growth hack stories

  1. Hotmail’s signature (how HubSpot steals THIS from Hotmail)
  2. iPhone: “Sent from iPhone” signature
  3. TikTok’s watermark on exported videos
  4. PayPal and Uber’s “Pay you to use”
  5. Dropbox: invite your friends to win more storage space
  6. HubSpot’s free tools: Embedded contact forms, Buyer Personas Builider
  7. Databox’s authority building hack
  8. Embed this: YouTube, Twitter, Yelp
  9. Loom’s easy to record and share feature
  10. LinkedIn’s profile completeness score—- a great way to get more UGC.
  11. Facebook’s international expansion
  12. Zapier’s SEO centered strategy
  13. Upcity: “Top xxx Agency” badge —– an authority building hack

Growth hacking is a mindset, not any particular trick

So far, we talked about the growth hack stories; you can also find a lot of growth hack “tricks” online. And, there are growth hacking tools available.

However, I’d argue that growth hacking is a mindset, most importantly. It’s a low CAC (ie, Customer Acquisition Cost), ever-experimenting, 10X growth mindset.